Live Q&A with Iris Lapinski, Apps for Good, Broadcast 12 noon EST 17th Oct

Because software (and work) is about more than just the money, the next of our occasional series of interviews with BoS speakers involves Iris Lapinski, the founder of Apps for Good.

Join us on Thursday 17th October (12 noon EST) when we’ll be talking to Iris about her work with CDI Apps for Good (, an award-winning technology education movement where young people in schools learn to create apps that solve problems they care about and change their world. From a modest start in 2 centres, 2 teachers and 50 students in 2010, Apps for Good has grown exponentially to 100 schools and  5,000+ 11-18 year olds across the UK and is on course to be active in 250 schools with 20,000 students by September 2013.

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Iris (and we) believe that we can learn a lot from the next generation of tech entrepreneurs and the experience of teaching lean and agile methodologies in schools. If you’d like to know more about her work and what she’ll be speaking about at BoS, join us!

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