BoS 2012: Videos of Business of Software talks all in one place.

All of the keynote and Lightning Talks talks from the 2012 Business of Software Conference that we are making public are now online with the permission of their speakers. While Business of Software Conference won’t be livestreamed this year, we always want to share the ideas we discuss at the event with as wide an audience as possible. Feel free to share and you can embed the videos on your site/blog though we would appreciate that you attribute them to Business of Software Conference and link to our site. We can’t pick our favourite. How about you?

Business of Software 2012 Videos

This was the best set of Lightning Talks at Business of Software Conference yet. Congratulations to all the speakers – Mark. we can’t wait to see this year’s.

For more like this, visit the BLN’s talk library and find seven years of insights on building a great tech business.

Joel Worrall, – Be smart, get things done and change the world!

Great ideas and thoughts on how software can make the world a better place.

Brock Armstrong, Frozen Puck – Fitness for software nerds

Hands up who doesn’t have a chair in their office anymore? Mark doesn’t and he feels a lot better for it. This talk literally changed people’s lives.

Jody Burgess, Tribbon – Living fearlessly!

This talk, about confronting your inner fears bought tears to Mark’s eyes. Admittedly, he is a big softy.

Greg Menville, Pyramedium – 5,000 year old lessons in disruptive innovation

Fantastic talk about technology and leadership before there were words for such ideas.

Tim Cull, How not to lock in mistakes early.

Tim talks about how to avoid locking mistakes into complex engineering projects early. We’ve all done it…

Des Traynor, – They’re all just perspectives!

Des considers decision making frameworks and asks if why we get so hung up on specific business practices.