Balsamiq raffling Business of Software ticket. Quick.

One of the amazing things about the Business of Software Community is how much people care and want to give something back. We will be letting you know a little more about some of the other things that go on behind the scenes later but here is something that you need to know about SHARP!

Peldi, founder of the fabulous Balsamiq Mockups Software and a speaker at BoS on multiple occasions is not speaking this year but he is still coming (this is one of the things that means more to us than anything – so many conference speakers are keen to attend an event if they speak, but wouldn’t consider it if they didn’t). So many BoS speakers come back to hear the other speakers and be part of the community.

BoS2012 Business of Software 051

So not only is Peldi and Balsamiq coming back this year, they have offered to put something back into the community that has been so helpful to them over the past few years and have offered to support the event in a meaningful way. Part of that support is that they have bought a ticket, with a free pass to a post event half day workshop (total value if you take a chance on it not being sold out and wait until the last minute just under $3,000).

All you need to do is register your interest with Balsamiq over on this Google Doc and the winner, picked at random, will be given the pass.


You need to be able to cover your own transport and accommodation and personally, I suggest you bring some cash to buy Peldi a beer (though the beer is covered at all conference events and he would probably insist on buying you one in the bar anyway).

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