What personality types come to Business of Software Conference? Here's one way to find out…

Have you ever wondered how your personality and work style affects your colleagues? Are your strengths and weaknesses the same under pressure? How does your behaviour affect the people around you? Are psychometric tests and personality profiles hokum? Can you hack your personality? Can you ‘flex’ your style in different situations? Is there a ‘right’ personality for entrepreneurship?
We think the answer is no to the last question, but what is vital is self awareness. Which is why it’s brilliant that Paul Kenny, a man who claims no natural sales skills(!), has persuaded Lumina Learning to give Business of Software attendees $120,000 worth of personality profiles for every attendee that comes to BoS. We think you will find them incredibly valuable.
You will end up with your very own, detailed, Spark portrait – a 30 page psychometric report that illuminates your preferred work style both in the day-to-day and when you are under severe pressure. Even more brilliant news is that Paul will lead a workshop on the Monday afternoon of the conference to walk everyone through how to use the portrait to improve your understanding of the way you think about yourself, your team and the world around you.
Peldi, as well as the Business of Software team have completed them already and the knowledge that they give us has been very valuable – particularly in helping us to understand how our behaviours can change under pressure. The explicit awareness of this alone is enough to justify our time investment (less than 15 minutes) in doing the profile. Even if you have done psychometric profiling in the past we think you will learn something interesting and useful about yourself.
All Business of Software Conference attendees will receive a very detailed psychometric report that outlines your preferred work and interaction styles and Paul will walk us all through some ideas to help us work better together.

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