Live Q&A with Sarah Hatter, CEO CoSupport. 12.00 noon EST, Sept 10th

Support can be an unloved function in a software business, but what other part of your business gives you the chance to turn ‘ho-hum’ customers into raving fans?

This morning/afternoon (depending on your timezone) we’ll be chatting to Sarah Hatter, founder of CoSupport, about why is support is such a dirty word in many software companies and why this isn’t very clever. We’ll be holding a Google Hangout at 12.00 EST to talk about making support easier, cheaper and more effective and what Sarah has to say at Business of Software this year.

As the first person to run support at 37 Signals and now a founder of CoSupport (which counts Mailchimp, Sprintly, Wildbit, WooThemes among its clients) Sarah has serious form in helping companies do great customer services on the web. Sarah and Mark will talk for 15 minutes about what software businesses can do to keep customers rabidly happy and scale successful support without derailing product development, business development and all those other good things.

If you have questions or comments for Sarah about her experience and her themes for Business of Software, now is your chance to put them to her:

  • Bookmark this page and come back for the Q&A
  • You can ask questions on Twitter before or during the Hangout, using the hashtag #BoS2013

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