Can your product help run a global software community or an event business?

If you make software that will make our lives, and the lives of our customers, easier, we’re all ears…

460/730: The ill-fated Easter promotion

We are currently starting to rebuild the Business of Software and BLN web sites as well as integrate these sites with our back office, billing, CRM, email marketing, social media, accounting functions etc. As we retool the site, we will also be integrating the other events that we run and so we thought it would be a grand time to ask if there are things that you use or indeed build and sell that we should be using to run a global community of software and technology entrepreneurs?

All ideas and suggestions gratefully received – particularly if you know of a CRM system…

We will, at the very least, recognise the contributions of others but this is also a good chance to let us know about tools you believe in that you think we, and our community, will find useful. Who knows, we might be your next customer.

If you want to recommend a fabulous tool that saves you two hours of work a day or makes your customers so happy they are on the verge of rapture, please leave a note in the comments below or drop us a line directly at mark (And if that fabulous tool so happens to be yours, that is OK too, we still want to know about it).

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