Can your product help run a global software community or an event business?

If you make software that will make our lives, and the lives of our customers, easier, we’re all ears…

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We are currently starting to rebuild the Business of Software and BLN web sites as well as integrate these sites with our back office, billing, CRM, email marketing, social media, accounting functions etc. As we retool the site, we will also be integrating the other events that we run and so we thought it would be a grand time to ask if there are things that you use or indeed build and sell that we should be using to run a global community of software and technology entrepreneurs?

All ideas and suggestions gratefully received – particularly if you know of a CRM system…

We will, at the very least, recognise the contributions of others but this is also a good chance to let us know about tools you believe in that you think we, and our community, will find useful. Who knows, we might be your next customer.

If you want to recommend a fabulous tool that saves you two hours of work a day or makes your customers so happy they are on the verge of rapture, please leave a note in the comments below or drop us a line directly at mark (And if that fabulous tool so happens to be yours, that is OK too, we still want to know about it).

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10 responses to “Can your product help run a global software community or an event business?”

  1. Oleg Podsechin says:

    If you’re a SaaS developer, you should also add your app to our directory at and we’ll help you spread the word.

  2. Noel W. Clarke says:

    I just started working at Informatica – the Data Integration company. Contact me and we can discuss your data sources & targets – and the rules in-between — I believe Informatica can help you.

  3. Sunil Pande says:

    Mark, you should check out my company Versaccounts We offer a new cloud based ERP product for companies that have outgrown the entry-level system (say Quickbooks) they started out with, and now need something more robust. Their second back-office system if you will.

    Today taking that step up to a more advanced system can cost a growing company anywhere between $75K to $150K. We think that is nuts

    Versaccounts was founded on the principal that there is no reason for a company’s second accounting system to cost so much more than what they already have.

    So we offer a full featured cloud-based mid-market ERP system, for $999/Mo, Unlimited Users and Functionality.

    This gives customers the comfort of knowing that the TCO around their most critical business system will not change as the company grows.

    No contracts are required so customers can stop using the system at any time it stops meeting their needs. And implementation is for a fixed price of $10K. This is waived completely with a long term contract.

    We also offer revenue based pricing for smaller companies, including $99/Mo for companies under $250K in revenue.

    Besides great functionality the product also has a simple REST API to integrate with other systems.

    So do give me a call and I will be happy to tell you more about our global customer base of early adopter customers and tell you more about the company and the offering.


    Sunil Pande
    503.432.17 three seven
    sunil.pande at
    CEO, Versaccounts

    • Hi Sunil,

      Thanks for pointing out Versaccounts. It is probably a little too advanced for us at the moment though we aspire to grow to need you! Our accounting requirements are remarkably simple at the moment.

      Funnily enough, we use a system called KashFlow for our core business and as this integrates nicely with system like Eventbrite, it is probably the one piece of the system that we would like to try to keep in place if possible.

      Look forward to seeing you at BoS and happy to talk about this then if you wish.


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  5. Sunil Pande says:

    Great, Mark. KashFlow is a super little product. I will not be at BOS but hope to catch up with you one of these days.

  6. satyamurthy says:

    Awesome your product is very good