Lightning Talks – the soon to be more famous five

Here are the Lightning Talks that will be presenting at Business of Software Conference 2013 in Boston. You may have noticed that we have already added an additional speaker to the programme, Greg Baugues who will be talking about, Depression, entrepreneurs and developers. Greg applied to do a Lightning Talk and we have shuffled the schedule a little to include him as a full talk.

We had some amazing applications once again and thank you to everyone who submitted an idea. Many brilliant. We have tried to select talks that will entertain and make you think about things in a new way – as ever.

These are the ones that we have picked, along with a few selected speakers who will decide between themselves on the Monday of the conference who will take the remaining speaking slot on Tuesday.

We said we would keep Early Bird registration open until we had made the selections. Now we can put the prices up but, it is the weekend so the price rise will happen as soon as Labor day is out of the way. Have a great weekend people.

Rosemary Frances

Rosemary Francis

Dr Rosemary Francis is the Technical Director of Ellexus Ltd. Rosemary obtained her PhD in Computer Architecture from the Cambridge University Computer Lab. After working in the chip design industry, Rosemary founded Ellexus to help manage the complex tool chains needed for semiconductor design. Ellexus now specializes in tracing Linux applications and troubleshooting software installation and configuration. They provide solutions for High-Performance Computing, semiconductor companies, software companies and research centres around the world. Rosemary is passionate about windsurfing, snowboarding, baking, and standing up for under-represented minorities in the tech industry.

Abby Fichtner

Abby Fichtner

Abby Fichtner is Hacker in Residence at Harvard Innovation Lab and creator of Hack Boston. Named an Innovation Amplifier by the Boston Globe – Abby launched Boston’s Big Data Hacker Space and was Microsoft’s Evangelist for Startups, where she got to help hundreds of early stage companies.

A software developer by trade, Abby’s prior background is a mixture of developing bleeding-edge technology for startups and coaching teams on how to develop software better.


Dominick Reed

Dominick is a user experience designer by day and a wannabe photographer by night. He has all his own teeth, a near-optimal covering of skin, and can touch both of his ears at the same time. His feet are size 11.

He’s designed mobile phones for Nokia, websites and software applications for Red Gate, and has dabbled in the dark arts of marketing as a creative director. His passion for photography borders on pathological and he’s taken more pictures of himself than is strictly recommended.

He drinks lead paint and dreams of a world made of marzipan.


Magga Dora Ragnarsdottir

Magga Dora is a senior experience designer with background in psychology and computer science. She has been involved in software development since the turn of the century and has been teaching human computer interaction to engineers and computer science students for over a decade. User experience is her passion and profession and she firmly believes that peoples lives can be improved by creating good user experiences.

Many congratulations to the Finalists, many thanks to everyone who submitted ideas. We really enjoyed the process even if the final selections were a very hard job.

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