Here comes Labor Day and the end of the summer. One thing before you clock off…

As it is Labor Day on Monday it really is the official end of the summer. I hope you all had a great one.

Personally, I had one of the best ever – hanging out with some of the friends and family of some of the people I have met at Business of Software over the years and relaxing in caves, kayaks and canyons in the middle of France. I have not had as much vacation (slightly over three weeks) since before I went to university and it is surprisingly easy to get used to…

Italy 2013 Paul Kenny 011
Afternoon planning meeting.

France Le Camp 2013 153
We learned a new french word, ‘Danger‘. Translated into English it means, ‘very, very, very,┬ávery, very, very,┬ávery, very, very,┬ávery, very, very,┬ávery, very, very,┬ávery, very, very, dangerous indeed‘.

France Le Camp 2013 720

I haven’t been entirely idle though, there is a lot of BoSy goodness in prospect, some Q&A Hangouts with speakers planned for the next few weeks so you can let the speakers know what you want to know about, the Monday workshops have been finalised and we will announce them next week and everything is coming together very nicely. Good job as we are just 2 months away!

Huge props to Hermione and Wendi in particular for keeping everything moving.

If you are reading this though, you are probably an entrepreneur who is working through Labor Day weekend or thinking about getting back into the swing of things now the summer is gone. Either way, that pretty much sucks so, if you are thinking of coming to BoS, we hope you are, we will keep the current Early Bird Rate open until Labor Day is done, regardless of the number of registrations we have. It won;t make you feel any better but you could do something nice with that extra $100 you save – for you or for someone else. You decide.

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