Welcome O'Reilly Media

Question for you: what do Eric Ries, Jeff Gothelf, Scott Berkun and Kathy Sierra have in common?

Yes, they’re all BoS speakers, no prizes there. They also share a publisher, O’Reilly Media, an organisation which, in its own words, is put on this earth to ‘spread the knowledge of innovators’. After 25 years of working in the technology community, O’Reilly is now a highly trusted organisation in the technology world – I’d be rather surprised if you don’t have an O’Reilly title somewhere in the same room as you as you read this.

It struck us earlier this year that O’Reilly and Business of Software have a lot of values in common around innovation, community and learning. Rather brilliantly, they agree, so today we can announce O’Reilly Media as a media partner for Business of Software 2013 and supporter for the BoS Reading Zone, a space at the conference where you can discover and share some of the best titles in technology.

This is worth talking about because it means we are being put in front of a larger community than before. Which is a good thing: we’re always trying to grow the BoS community, to bring in fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, and we’re confident that O’Reilly fans will make a great contribution. It’s quite possible that it will also mean BoS tickets sell out earlier, which is also an attraction to us!

So, if you are part of the O’Reilly community, coming here for the first time, welcome. We hope you enjoy the blog, conversations and videos from earlier editions of BoS, and we look forward to seeing  you in Boston in October.

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2 responses to “Welcome O'Reilly Media”

  1. This is so cool for everyone that comes to Business of Software Conference and huge thanks to Kathy Sierra who made the connection to Tim O’Reilly in the first place as her, ‘favourite conference’. We have really enjoyed our interactions with O’Reilly in discussing this partnership and love their open approach to getting things done.

    The thing I am most excited about personally is that this will mean BoS will be, as far as we are aware, the first conference to have a ‘Reading Corner’. When the talks and the networking just get too much for you, you can swing by Reading Corner and browse any of O’Reilly’s titles.

    For an event that aims to be ‘introvert friendly’, we thought Reading Corner would be a neat thing. Hope you agree.

  2. Stephen Kellett says:


    I’ve been using O’Reilly books since the early 1990s when I started working with X Windows and Motif. My name is on one of the X books as an endorsement (my one true claim to 15 nanoseconds of fame :-).

    Good company.