Scott Berkun to speak at Business of Software Conference about his year without pants and the future of work

We’re delighted to announce Scott Berkun as a speaker at this year’s Business of Software conference, 28-30th October 2013, Boston, MA.

Scott is a thoughtful and insightful character, and you may have already read one of his books, Making Things HappenThe Myths of InnovationConfessions of a Public Speaker, and Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds.

If you want a little insight into the way he thinks and writes, watch the video of him explaining, ‘How to write well, instantly, every time’.

His talk at Business of Software Conference will consider what he learned as a Team Leader working at, a highly distributed company with no offices. How does a company where, ‘working from home’, isn’t just the norm, it’s the only option, organise itself, share ideas, innovate, celebrate, build a common culture? What holds a company like that back and what gives it an advantage over others? We are looking forward to some entertaining and thought-provoking insight from Scott.

Find out more about Scott at and he tweets at @berkun


The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work

What can you learn from a company without an office? Would you like to work somewhere with no meetings, no email and that let all employees work from any city in the world they wished?

Scott worked as a manager at, the 15th most popular website, and one of the largest 100% distributed companies in the world where these perks are true, and more. He led a team of programers and designers and wrote a new book about the challenging experience called The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work. From herding cats you can’t see, to launching features every day, he’ll share what every organization can learn from the provocative examples provides leaders and managers.

Scott’s talk will also consider:

  • Whether creativity can thrive online.
  • When will remote working fail?
  • The benefits and pitfalls of remote working, for employees and employer.
  • Why culture is critical to successful remote working.
  • Why good tools make all the difference to successful remote working.
  • Why Marissa Mayer’s approach to remote working at Yahoo was mistaken.

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