Business of Software Conference speaker, Iris Lapinski, CEO, Apps for Good, named by Forbes magazine as one of five, Innovative Rising Stars

One of the things we really, really enjoy at Business of Software is discovering new, relatively undiscovered, talented people who are changing the world with technology and have something to say that is relevant to running great businesses and building great products.

Congratulations then to Iris Lapinski, CEO of Apps for Good (and Business of Software Conference speaker this year) who has been named by Forbes Magazine as one of their 5, “Innovative Rising Stars: Education, Healthcare and Environment“.

We are delighted for Iris and Apps for Good who have, in a very short space of time, had a significant impact on the way that children are taught to think about technology and using it solve problems that matter. Iris will be speaking at this year’s Business of Software Conference (28-30th October, Boston, MA), about what entrepreneurs can learn from the experiences she has had in building the Apps for Good programme. We know a lot of programmes that are aimed at connecting entrepreneurs and people in industry into the education system.

We all know that it is important that future generations are able to understand the power of technology to transform lives, the importance of knowing, ‘how to code’ and use technology for positive purposes. Many of these activities seem a little, one-way and I know a lot of people who feel it is ‘their duty’ to take part. Companies and entrepreneurs come into the education system and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

You will probably find that Apps for Good is a bit different… We think you will be both surprised and inspired by some of the things that you can learn by listening to young people and we hope will take some of that learning back into your own organisations. That is why we think the Apps for Good programme is so important.

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