Anything you Want

I read, ‘Anything you Want‘ by Derek Sivers after he shared this wonderful talk at Business of Software Conference 2010. Most business books are long and become boring as there is a central point that is repeated ad nausem as publishers are still stuck in the, ‘More is more’ publishing paradigm. ‘Anything you Want‘ is published by the Domino Project, Seth Godin’s (another speaker that year) and neither Derek nor Seth really give a flying banana about existing orthodoxy.

Derek Sivers Anything You Want

‘Anything you Want’ is a very short book and you can read it in an hour. It had such a positive impact on the way I think about life that I ended up buying a copy for everyone who came to the conference the following year. I also have a small stock of copies that I like to give to people, especially people I meet who talk about how they¬†really want to be an entrepreneur. It often puts them off and this is a good thing, not everyone should be an entrepreneur, it won’t lead to happiness for everyone. Sometimes it makes people leave their jobs and start something and that is awesome too. They are going into something with their eyes more open than they would have otherwise.

So pleased for Derek that he just found out that the book is Number One in all three categories on Amazon. Congratulations Derek, well deserved. It’s a great read.

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