Thank you! Under 30 CEO & name Business of Software Conference on their lists of top software events! :-)

Thank you to Under 30 CEO and to Clarity for recognising Business of Software Conference as a quality, must-attend, event for software entrepreneurs. We love running Business of Software and we know people love coming but it is always rather wonderful to be rewarded with some attention. Hugely appreciated by all of us who work on the programme over the year and also by everyone who has supported our growth over the years. Thank you.

Under 30 CEO asked the question. ‘What is one under-the-radar startup or business conference that young entrepreneurs shouldn’t miss in 2013 and why?

To be named at number one in a list that includes DLD, Microconf, FailCon, LaunchCon and other great events is a huge honour.

Dan Martell at Clarity produced a list of ‘Top North American Conferences for entrepreneurs‘.

It is a longer list covering all sorts of great events and he certainly doesn’t say you should go to them all but it is another great list.

And by the way, the more observant of our readers may detect from the subtle differences in spelling in some of these posts (we prefer to spell things correctly :-)) that strictly speaking, we are not a North American Conference. Though we are held in Boston, we are based in (real, original) Cambridge, UK and in fact, over half of the attendees at Business of Software Conference come from outside the United States so we are a pretty international event which is one of the things that makes our community so interesting.

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