Index of the 2012 Presentations

Index to the summaries of the Business of Software 2012 presentations.

Kathy Sierra – Building the Minimum Badass User

Jason Cohen – How data, statistics and numbers will make you do the wrong thing

Joel Spolsky – The Cultural Anthropology of Stack Exchange

Dharmesh Shah – Valuation, Competition, Porter’s Five Forces and Culture

Peter Bauer – Founding Principles vs. Scaling Principles

Noah Kagan – Lovegasms

Peldi Guilizzoni – Coding is the Easy Part

Michael Trafton – How to build company culture in three easy steps

Adii Pienaar – A message of Hope

Dan Lyons – The “Post-PC” Era

Gail Goodman – The Long, Slow SaaS Ramp of Death

Paul Kenny – Resistance is Futile

Noam Wasserman – Understanding Founder’s Dilemmas

Bob Dorf – How Silicon Valley Innovates

Dan Pink – The Surprising Truth About Moving Others

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