Business of Software 2012. It's a wrap.

Thank you for making Business of Software so memorable. As I get ready to check out and head home to my family in the real Cambridge, I cannot pretend I am not very sad that Business of Software is over. It was a wonderful experience again for me. I hope you enjoyed and valued it.

Software people aren’t supposed to be interested in stuff that isn’t bits and bytes, or so the stereotyping goes. So why do I feel so emotional that BoS is over for another year? Probably because one of the things that is very obvious about the kind of people that come to BoS is that they are as soft and squishy as liberal arts majors like me. A key takeaway from this year’s BoS for me, echoed time and time again in the stage and corridor talks, was the interaction between wetware (people) and software. Software is pointless unless it makes a difference in people’s lives. The people who come make BoS special.

Using some software makes me angry. This note from a person made me cry a little but also made me very happy…

“You just made a huge group of people doing world-changing things a little more badass. I trust these last few days will be in YOUR memoirs. Astonishing event.” Kathy Sierra.

We would love to get your feedback on what worked, what didn’t and how we can make BoS better next year. Please take a moment to fill this out. I would also welcome your comments on the WiFi.

Thank you once again for taking part and making Business of Software so incredible. I am going to pick on one individual here for a special mention – BoS is as much about the people that come from around the world to listen and talk as it is about the speakers and you know you all rock, big time – but I do want you to recognise the huge effort and phenomenal skill of Wendi Labbie who has been the brains behind the operations at Business of Software for the past 5 years. Thank you Wendi.

Safe travels and until next time…


Mark Littlewood

Business of Software, The wrong Cambridge – my real family is in the other one.


Keep being badass, fearless and awesome.