BoS 2012 Workshop, the ‘WINNING TEAM’ output

This year’s workshop sessions were designed to help get people talking and thinking together in smaller groups. We hope everyone had the opportunity to enjoy themselves and meet some interesting people. Each team had a maximum of 20 people from different companies and they all worked together to produce a series of specific outputs to 10 challenges. Overall available time was 90 minutes and the results were submitted online. Here are the outputs of the WINNING TEAM.

The Outputs

Name of team: WINNING TEAM
Names and superpower of members:

  • Peldi the penguin profilerator – Pingu perforation
  • Taylor the telephone Tangler – talktime truncating
  • Adii the augmented gnificAlienator – alien abduction
  • Mike the maent mongoose – mammal manipulation
  • Domick the devourer of doom – dongle dangling
  • Ron the ravacious reveler – ridiculous riddles
  • Tyler the tortoise terminator – toenail tensioning
  • Ismail the igloo isolator – ice increasor
  • Shana the seductive stinger – stuff stacking
  • Kathy the kinky karter – kart kicking
  • Nicole the nefarious noodle – noodler nibbling
  • Trisha the trampoline trickster – trombone tickling
  • Beau the biggerator – boulder banging
  • Dan the derranged damage – disk defragging
  • James the Jiggler – jam jiggling
  • Betsy the bonkers baffler – bingo beautification
  • Robert the rodent rider – risky rodeoing
  • Levi the long legged – Leg lengthening
  • Jay the joyous – jaunty jingles

Using a single packet of spaghetti and marshmallows, the WINNING TEAM built a spaghetti tower 4′ 11’’ tall.
Bos2012 marshmallow bridge 4'11"

To better their BoS experience, they wireframed a special Mobile App. They shared some screen shots with us BUT CLICK ON THE SCREEN TO GO TO THE INTERACTIVE VERSION.

THE WINNING TEAM talked about something important they learned in BoS 2012 in a 1 minute video. Watch it to learn more.

After cutting a piece of letter paper into a ring, THE WINNING TEAM claimed 31 people passed it over their head to the floor without ring breaking. You can see for yourselves here.
31 ppl in paper chain #bos2012 Winning Team

They built a spaghetti bridge to span a 52 inches wide gap.
52 inch bridge at #bos2012

They sketched a cartoon that encapsulates the Business of Software Conference. Have a look.

In less than 140 characters, the proposed business strategy for Twitter of the THE WINNING TEAM is:

  •  “Idea +make users look awesome + create community + $$=#winning #bizstrategy”.

Finally, THE WINNING TEAM explained to us in a 1 minute video  how software could solve (or not) problems in the world.

Thank you, WINNING TEAM members for participating and being up to the challenge of BoS 2012 Workshop!

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