Business of Software speaker & CEO of Mimecast, Peter Bauer, announces $62 million funding

With excellent timing, Mimecast, supplier of cloud-based email archivingsecurity and continuity for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, today announced a $62.15 million Series C funding led by, Insight Venture Partners. Existing investors Dawn Capital also participated. Mimecast will use the funding to accelerate the development and deployment of new technology, and to support plans for rapid expansion in the US market.

Peter Bauer, CEO & founder of Mimecast, who is speaking at the Business of Software Conference in Boston on 1st October about, ‘Founding Principles vs Scaling Principles’ commented,

“We are pleased to have secured funding to accelerate the growth of Mimecast’s business in the US and across the world as well as to drive more innovation in corporate email. Even better and most importantly though, it means the drinks are on me at Business of Software next week.”

Please note we might have just made this quote up…

Seriously, congratulations Peter and the whole Mimecast team. You have created a business from nothing that is putting a dent in the corporate email universe. We look forward to seeing you next week in Boston.

You can watch the livestream of Peter’s talk, along with all the others, for free, by registering here.

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