Avangate scholarship winners announced

I know a lot of folks have been waiting with baited breath to hear about the winners of the Avangate scholarships at Business of Software this year.  There was an extremely strong field with nearly thirty entries, so big congratulations to the victors:

  • Edwin Siebesma, MeetingKing
  • Vineet Sinha, Architexa
  • Brice Wilson, In Touch Teacher LLC
  • Antony Goldbloom, Kaggle
  • Clint Wilson, Cazoomi

There’s a warm welcome waiting for you at BoS, chaps.  And commiserations to all who didn’t make it this year, but can I just point out there is still a $500 discount for the next thirty registrations?

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4 responses to “Avangate scholarship winners announced”

  1. […] of software called, aptly, Business of Software. Even better, the nice folks at Avangate have awarded me and four others a scholarship to attend the conference this year in Boston. I’m excited about attending and […]

  2. Ricardo says:

    Congrats everyone! BoS is the best software conference I have ever attended!

    • Delia Ene says:

      Hi Ricardo, thanks for your comment. It was not an easy choice & had more applicants than expected initially.
      Congrats for Foreverbit, noticed you’ve just launched it!

  3. Clint Wilson says:

    Thanks and can’t wait to see Boston:)