Business of Software Scholarship for student/recent graduate…

Cheers John Knox, Founder of Moving Average, long time attendee at Business of Software and a guy that cares a lot about helping people, especially engineers, to have great careers in great software businesses – he even wrote a book about it.

John has offered to fund Business of Software Scholarships for a couple of students/recent graduates who would not otherwise be able to attend the Business of Software Conference in October so they can meet great people and be encouraged to spend a career building great software businesses. John is particularly keen to hear from people who would not be able to attend in any other circumstances.

Thank you John!

Business of Software

John Knox at Business of Software by the lovely Betsy Weber.

Here’s how to apply.

Register your contact details and tell us why you would like to attend and what you would bring to the conversation by August 31st 2012. John will pick two scholars and the chosen ones will get to go as his guest. Not only is he an extraordinarily generous, thoughtful, guy, he knows just about everyone there so this is like getting a VIP pass.

If anyone wants to support the growth of the software industry by offering a helping hand to others, we’re always happy to hear from you.

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