Business of Software Lightning Talks announced, with a slight twist.

Congratulations to the successful Lightning Talk applicants this year:

  • Jody Burgess, Tribbon: Living Fearlessly
  • Brock Armstrong, Frozen Puck: How Our Jobs Are Killing Us and What We Can Do About It – Fitness for Software Nerds
  • Des Traynor, They’re all Just Perspectives
  • Joel Worrall, CURE International: Be Smart, Get Things Done, and Change the World
  • Greg Menvielle, Pyramedium: Improve People’s Lives – You Have 20 Years
The rules for presenting Lightning Talks are simple.
  • Each presenter has 15 slides
  • The slides advance automatically every 30 seconds
(Notes for presenters – we know you will bookmark this post…!) The best format for Presentations is as Follows:
  • PowerPoint (We run 2010 but can display earlier versions) or Keynote
  • 16:9 Formatted Slides
  • We will be running all content in 1280X720

We had over 50 entries for Lightning Talks this year. Reviewing that many could have been a chore – in any sort of competition like this, the quality spread can be, errm, ‘variable’. As we went through them, it became clear that we had another problem – there were too many really promising entries to make easy decisions.

We have selected 5 of the final Lightning Talk speakers to speak (the effort some people put into their applications was incredible) but have also selected some of the others to participate in a Lightning Talk ‘bake-off on the first day of the conference. This will be coordinated by two time Lightning Talk veteran Patrick Foley – thank Patrick.

Those speakers will be delivering their talk, privately, in front of each other and will then select a speaker to make their Lightning Talk in front of the full audience on Tuesday.

Thank you to everyone who entered. Some great ideas, some creative approaches, it was a tough call. See you in October.

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