Jennifer Aaker's talk about happiness from Business of Software 2009

I stumbled across an old hard drive the other day, and rewatched Jennifer Aaker‘s talk from Business of Software 2009. Jennifer is a professor at Stanford GSB, and co-author of the excellent Dragonfly Effect book (if you care about how you can use social media to propel social change, you should buy a copy from Amazon – it’s excellent).

It was a fascinating talk in which Jennifer talked about her work mining data and using statistical methods to reach conclusions about what makes people happy. Jennifer has kindly agreed that I can post a handful of excerpts here.

In this first clip, Jennifer talks about building strong brands inside out: how really strong brands understand what they mean to themselves and how this is reflected outwards.

In this second clip, Jennifer talks about the importance of volunteering.

In this final clip , Jennifer talks about what small steps you can take, tomorrow, to increase your effectiveness and meaningfulness in your work and life.

You can find out more about Jennifer on her web site, or follow her on twitter.

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