Some of the words that made Business of Software 2011 worthwhile for us…

Putting on a conference is hard work (we know, not as hard as running a software business!) and these were just a few of the things that people said last year when we sat back at the end of the conference, exhausted, and said, “Was it worth it?” Thank you.

  • “This is the best conference I’ve ever attended. Nice work!!!”
  • “BoS provides excellent content that can be applied immediately, the forum is the best for networking with peers who have the same ideas and problems”
  • “Epic”
  • “The opportunity ever software person should take to see what they do in a totally new way”
  • “This is a conference where the content is as great as the people”
  • “Great theme, keep it up, make it just a little bit better every year”
  • “Awesomeness OD!”
  • “One of the best avenues out there to understanding to create great software companies, kudos!!”
  • “Injecting inspiration back into your business.”
  • “If you’re running a software business you need to be at this conference”
  • “You have given me what I need to finally get my startup moving. “
  • “Head exploded”
  • “BoS is a gathering of engaged like minded people who freely share ideas to encourage innovation & promote success in the software industry”
  • “Thought provoking”
  • “Very rare opportunity to be amongst my people, wonderful break from day to day operations to think big thoughts”
  • “How to make happy customers”
  • “Like TED but for software entrepreneurs”
  • “I’m not worried about my sales funnel, I’m worried about this new idea funnel I have to manage thx to this conference”
  • “Inspirational to do list”
  • “Thought provoking, high paced talks by people who have actually done real sh*t, attended by interesting people your happy to meet at breakfast – stuff”
  • “The highest prize I can give this conference is that I wasn’t ready for it to end… I am still hungry for more!”
  • “Excellent opportunity to sit back away from day to day operations and share others experience & reflect on that.”
  • “The place to be for people who run small, growing, sustainable, software businesses”
  • “A recharging and reinvigorating for my business.”
  • “I signed up based on the speakers and content. I leave w/the inspiration to build better software and engage w/ customers. I will be back next year.”
  • “Mindblowing and inspirational talks, now #JFDI”
  • “Fantastic speakers combined w/networking makes for great learning environment, lots of stimulating content & thought provoking conversations.”
  • “One of the best decisions I ever made was to come to BoS”
  • “Phenomenal, the best conference I’ve attended, with the best attendees.”
  • “It makes you think the rest is up to you”
  • “Disconnect from work to connect with people”
  • “An avalanche of actionable knowledge”
  • “If you’re hungry for stories, BoS is where to go”
  • “At tech conferences, the best I might walk away with is a new technology or tool to help my business. At Business of Software, I walk away with ideas & actions that will fundamentally change the way that I approach my work”
  • “Great talks. Great people. Fantastic opportunities to exchange experiences”
  • “The conference is an amazing global community of passionate entrepreneurs willing to share their experiences and capitalize on the knowledge of the pioneers and gurus who have preceeded them.”
  • “How about two words? Entrepreneur Recharge”
  • “The smartest people in the business presenting their wisdom, humbly and genuinely. Just awesome!”
  • “Useful context switch”
  • “Best conference I”ve ever attended”
  • “Excellent speakers plus really smart attendees = incredible conference”
  • “Spa for nerds”
  • “Mandatory attendance if you’re serious about building a software business indispensible advice and inspiration.”
  • “Highest quality sessions w/actionable advice of any conferece”
  • “Good, interesting ideas to use in my business”
  • “We have been searching for a conference or association that supports the startup commercialization and growth of software business. I have finally found exactly what we and other ISV’s need.”
  • “The forum to talk with others passionate about improving software and making the world a better place”
  • “All the ideas I need to keep improving for the next 12 months”
  • “A great experience… not just the speakers but the pure connections are phenomenal”
  • “Insanely great software (and business) conference “nuff said!”“
  • “Honestly? Senior management at Redgate has been asking me “what do you want to do?”for the past 2 years and this conference has been part of the ________ that answered that question.”
  • “The networking opportunities at times equal or outweigh the incredible presentations and speakers in terms of value to a start up or existing entrepreneur”
  • “Another awesome yearat BOS. It’s like an annual shot I the arm to get me super energized about my industry”
  • “The 24 hours long I,500 mile drive and 3 flights, was totally worth it! I would do it again without thinking!”
  • “The only difference between the speakers & the audience to see is how eloquently they speak to a crowd.”
  • “Great content. Great attitude.”
  • “A must for any exec in the software business”
  • “Fantastic! Inspiring! The only problem is that I know I still had a lot to do, now I have to do even more, but with some great guidelines.”
  • “Excellent organization, content and speakers, good enough to make me fill out one of these cards and that makes good”
  • “If you’re thinking about going to #BOS2012 #JFDI”
  • “Get the push to get data driven and learn consumer psychology. But the awesomeness was to get pumped up that what I’m doing is on the right track and small software businesses can make the world suck less”
  • “Great minds, good intentions, great inspiration from real people in software businesses.”
  • “TED for the real part of the software industry”
  • “Like an eating contest, except with ideas. Awesome! Amazing community, but the key is to DO!”
  • “Nerds learning how to do business with other human beings”
  • “Opportunity to think differently. Think of the possibilities.”
  • “Big ideas, need to change thinking process and apply to our business”
  • “An avalanche of thought provoking, insightful mind food. Very humbling.”
  • “Continues to be the single best “business” “experience” I have each year. Outstanding!”

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