We believe in sharing, we don't necessarily believe in paper

Nice to see some proof that sharing some of the BoS love brings more cool people to the physical event. Just got this note…

“Just ordered my ticket, and am really looking forward to it. I attended live stream from my living room couch last year. It was great, but felt like I was missing out on the networking and interaction. One question. It says the ticket should be printed. Will it be possible to show the ticket on my iPhone instead?


Look forward to seeing you there and, ‘Yes’, you can bring the paper ticket with you if you wish but as long as your phone has a screen that can display the registration details, that is good enough. See you in Boston!

Don’t forget, registration for BoS 2012 is open now. We hope to see you in Boston October 1st-3rd 2012 and the first EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT tickets run out midnight, March 31st. Save $900 on full registration.

Confirmed speakers this year include Professor Noam Wasserman, Jason Cohen, Mikey Traft, Adii Pienaar, Joel Spolksy, Peldi, Paul Kenny, Bob Dorf, Dharmesh Shah and others who spend their lives at the sharp end of software businesses around the world. We hope to see you there.