BoS 2011 Lightning Talks: Corey Reid, Freshbooks; Karl Treier, Prospect Stream; Justin Goeres, JKI; Patrick Foley, Microsoft; Tyler Rooney, 4ormat.

Below are the lightning talk videos from five speakers at the Business of Software conference 2011, starting with the winning talk by Justin Goeres of JKI. Lightning Talks are terrifying and very hard to pull off – each speaker was allowed 15 slides with 30 seconds for each slide.

That’s 7 minutes and 30 seconds in total. Done. Justin Goeres, JKI – Getting to Nowhere. the story of Richard Feyman’s quest to travel to Tuva.

An epic tale of an extraordinary physicist, Richard Feynman, and some pointless goal-setting that leads to an inner truth. Might bring a tear to your eye – if you are human.

Karl Treier, Prospect Stream – 20 Tips on Starting a Business

20 tips, 15 slides. No mean feat.

Patrick Foley, Microsoft – Confessions of a Wannapreneur

Try as we might, we couldn’t get Patrick to resign live on stage. Next year…

Corey Reid, Freshbooks – Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Of recruiting…

Tyler Rooney, 4ormat – Things I Learned the Hard Way at

A smart techie in a cardigan telling tales of relentless scalabilty. Geek heaven.