#suckless #BoS2011 #Boston project update – 1 week in.

If you were at BoS last week, you might remember Paul Kenny asked people to make a commitment to putting something in place in their business within 7 days of BoS2011 finishing and pass it on to someone else in the room. I am putting $10 (about £3 of your English pounds using an exchange rate from several decades ago) that no one has got as far as Noel Clarke – especially as he only started this on Friday last week.

He has taken the lead in the Alexis Ohanian #Suckless #BoS2011 challenge in a way I couldn't have hoped or imagined for…

"Hello Mark & Alexis,

I spoke with Brent Conway the principal of the Melrose Lincoln School – he was very excited and supportive – the project is underway! We will run the Lincoln School Computer Club on Friday Mornings at 7:30am before school for ~20 weeks.

We're offering the Programming Class to the Fifth Graders at the Lincoln School - we're going to start with 8 kids. See the attached document which went home in backpacks & as an email to request student applications. We're planning  finalize the student list by November 15th – 2011. 

I'm going to start the kids off with SCRATCH from MIT - http://scratch.mit.edu/ because it is easy for kids to see results and get engaged.  Then move them over to simple iOS games iPhone & iPad.

We'll be highlighting our accomplishments at the Lincoln School STEM Night (Science Technology Engineering & Math) at the End of the Year Assembly.

Thanks very much for your support! I'll keep you updated on our progress.


Noel W. Clarke (Babson MBA '09)


Exclusive Opportunity for a small group of 5th Graders

Computer programming

When: Friday Mornings, starting December 2nd.

Time: 7:30 AM-8:10 AM

Where: Lincoln School Computer Lab

Mr. Clarke is a Lincoln Parent who is interested in providing a unique opportunity to a group of 5th grade students who are interested in learning about programming. The students will create a program and share it with their classmates at the end of the year, and will have a special display during our STEM night in the spring. If there are many students interested, the students will then be asked to submit a one page summary of “Why I want to learn about Computer Programming.” We will notify students & parents by Wednesday, November 9th of the status of the registration.

Please complete this registration form and return it to the Lincoln School office by Monday, November 7, 2011. Please know that by signing this registration form, you are agreeing to have your child here promptly at 7:30AM on Fridays.