Clayton Christensen at BoS2011 in 7 tweets

Some great tweetable lines from this year's Business of software Conference as collected by the inimitable Zuly Gonzalez of Light Point Security. Zuly won a Stack Exchange (stunning idea), sponsored place to Business of Software for being an awesome community member.

A sample here from the first talk by Professor Clayton Christensen…

Clayton Christensen

Clay Christensen Business of Software 2011

Image Credit: Betsy Weber. More BoS2011 photographs here.

-    “Worry about the bottom when thinking about who can kill you.”
-    “Pick a fight where the giant is more motivated to flee than fight you.”
-    “The market to make something more affordable and simple is often times a bigger market.”
-    “A business unit is not designed to evolve.”
-    “The customer rarely buys what the company thinks it is selling him.” ~ Peter Drucker
-    “Help people do what they want to do even better.”
-    “Invest when you don’t need the results of the investment. Innovation is a long term investment.”

Hop on over to her blog for the rest of her summary. Plenty more where that came from. Thanks Zuly and thanks Stack Exchange.