Business of Software 2011 talks online

To save me answering the same question by email 7 times per day, I will do what I should have done before…

We will post all of the talks from Business of Software 2011 online over the next year. We will choose when we make them available. Of  course we use them to post over the course of the year in order to help market the event next year (October 1-3rd in Boston since you asked).

This year, we will send a password to each of this year's Business of Software attendees that will give them exclusive access to all of the content before it is posted to the wider world. People that sign up to next year's event will also get a password that allows them to watch the videos at their convenience. The video is currently being edited and will not be online for at least two weeks. This should not be shared or used in blog posts until it has been released into the wild via the BoS blog.

Hope that sounds like a good plan?