Startup scholarship to attend Business of Software 2011.

What a great thought.

We had a lovely note from John Knox, founder of Moving Average Inc, who develop mobile applications for the Android™, iPhone®, and iPad® mobile devices, who has been a long time attendee at Business of Software. He has clearly been putting what he has learned to good use and in the spirit of helping others he wrote,

"BoS would have been a life-changing experience for me right out of college. I was hoping that you folks might already have some potential candidates. 🙂 If it's not too late, can I help contribute some funds?"

John, thank you from all of us. What a great thought. We want to make your scholarship money available to four founders of software businesses in the Boston area who are: able to attend the event on October 24-26; are less than two years out of college or didn't do college because they wanted to do something entrepreneurial; are unfunded; would not otherwise be able to attend Business of Software.

If you fit the criteria, and would like to come, please email me directly by October 11th at mark @ businessofsoftware . org Tell us what you are doing and what you hope to get out of coming. We will be in touch on October 12th to get the winners signed up.