One way to set hearts fluttering.

In the last hour, a bunch of people who volunteered to lead workshop sessions at Business of Software got an email with a list of the people that are coming to their session.

I have already had one email back from someone saying,

'Why on earth is X coming to my session? They're my hero. What can I teach them?'

As Neil Davidson said in his opening remarks last year, 

"You guys aren't here because you wantto impress the other people in the room. Most of us are here becuase we care about one thing, we care about building long-term and profitable software businesses."

One of the biggest things I took away from last year was how much the 'stars' of the show ended up learning from others. No one has all the answers. That is why people come. That is why they stay and listen and talk with others. That is why they come again, even if they aren't speaking.

Everyone has valuable experience to contribute which is why we wanted to let people offer to share their ideas and passions in the workshop sessions. Don't be surprised when others want to take part!

That is why I love BoS.

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