Want to show off your company at BoS? Chief Sumo can help

I’m a fat-ass Sumo….and wherever my fat-ass goes, it attracts lots of attention.
I’m so big my gravitational field literally pulls eyes towards me!  
App sumo

This will be no exception at the Business of Software conference.  And perhaps I can share that attention with your company…..

Since I’m the Chief Sumo of AppSumo.com…. I know a thing or two about getting your company massive exposure.  


Well if you wanna get your company more attention at BoS, then I have two important requests from you:

1.) Go to the BoS buffet quickly…because I WILL finish it.


2.) Send me software or memberships that you want given to all the attendees at BoS 2011.    


We’ll be rolling up a bunch of software and services (like a burrito) and giving it to attendees (who include industry badasses such as Jason Cohen, Patrick McKenzie, Derek Sivers and a bunch of other nerds on this page).

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your company spotlighted in this bundle?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have industry-giants have your company name highlighted in their brain?

Thought so.  

We’ve done this a few times including once at SuperConf.  The bundle got over 2,000 downloads from industry-only people.  Talk about razor-sharp demographics targeting.  

If you think getting fat-exposure at BoS 2011 is a GOOD THING…..then click the link below to find out how. 

BUT I WARN YOU….this fat Sumo is providing this bundle out of the goodness of my cholesterol-filled heart….so please be prompt with your submission.

Submissions close Oct. 10th.

After that, this free exposure offer is GONE.

So clicky-clicky below to get started:

Click here if you’re interested in getting our company massive exposure at BoS 2011 →            

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