Entrepreneurial business 1 – Global corporate 0

Remember that post from, oh, two days ago about entrepreneurs and incumbents?

Congratulations to Business of Software 2011 speaker Jeff Lawson and Twilio on now being recommended by Ribbit as BT, who bought Ribbit three years ago for $105 million is shuttering Ribbit. I am sure this is more of a gesture than a revenue generator though. http://gigaom.com/2011/08/10/ribbit-croaks-just-three-years-after-105m-bt-deal/

The little guy beats the BIG guy at disruptive innovation yet again.

Great living and practical example of what we had spoken about on our blog on Monday that drew on Clayton Christensen's ideas. Big companies tend to suck at doing disruptive things. JP Rangaswami, BT's chief scientist was probably one of the few people that could have pulled this off for BT and when he left to become Chief Scientist at Salesforce, Ribbit was effectively over.