Pay it forward: how to get a free ticket for Business of Software 2010

I've got a handful of free tickets to hand out for this year's Business of Software conference. It should be great – Seth Godin, Joel Spolsky, Dharmesh Shah and Eric Sink are just a handful of the many speakers who'll be speaking about building long term, profitable and sustainable businesses.

Plenty of people have written to me and said they'd love to come but can't afford it because they're start-ups, charities or because the people they work for won't foot the bill.

If you’d like a free ticket, here’s what you have to do.

You have to commit to using your skills – as a hacker, a marketeer, an entrepreneur, a product manager, or whatever – to help somebody who otherwise wouldn't get your help. Maybe you'll design the web site for a charity, or spend a couple of days doing SEO for your local pub. You'll have better ideas. It absolutely must not involve promoting the conference: I want you to do something to help somebody else, not me.

Post your commitment to this thread on hacker news. The more specific, the better. You should say why can't afford to pay for your ticket too.

In a week or so I'll look over the thread and pick somewhere between 1 and 5 people who'll get free tickets.

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