How should I hand out free tickets to Business of Software?

Every year I hand out a number of free / heavily discounted tickets to Business of Software. I run the conference because it's a Good Thing to Do, and helping a few people who wouldn't otherwise be able to make it is part of this. But I've never been happy with how to allocate these tickets, so I'm asking for ideas.

I've started a thread on Hacker News about this:

I run the annual Business of Software conference
( I figure that some of the folk here
would (a) benefit enormously from going but (b) can't afford to go. I'm
thinking about making a handful of free tickets available, but I'd like
to make sure they go to people who'll appreciate it, actually turn up,
can't afford to go otherwise and who'll get something from it. Any
ideas? (I'll give a free ticket to whoever has the best one).

If you've got any ideas, then post them on the thread. If you want to up vote it then I'd appreciate that too. As I say, the person with the best idea will get a free ticket.