Want to speak at Business of Software 2010?

The Business of Software conference scratches a deeply personal itch.

I set it up because I care about building a profitable, sustainable and enduring software business. I wanted to hear from the most eloquent, most experienced and most thought provoking people in the world, and meet people in the same boat as me, struggling with the practicalities of creating a software business.

I wanted to create a conference where the speakers are guaranteed to be great, and have something to say and not something to sell. A conference which has no sponsorship, no clutter, and where the right to speak has to be earned and cannot be bought.

That makes finding speakers hard. Plenty of people e-mail me and ask to speak, and I almost always say no. I only invite people to speak who I've heard speak before (I've heard Seth Godin speak 3 times), who I've met and who I think will rock the audience (I met Peldi over pizza and a beer last year), or who have been recommended by somebody I trust (three people I know recommended Eric Ries).

But the best things in life are often the unexpected. Serendipity and randomness create more remarkable moments than planning ever can. That's why, every year, there are a handful of short slots available for people who I don't know; people who are not guaranteed to rock. But often, they do.

If you'd like a chance at one of these short slots, then go here.

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