Twenty percent projects (cartoon)

I’m feeling a bit stuck for material for my blog, so I thought I’d break things up with a cartoon or two. If you like it, let me know (or retweet it). I’ll keep an eye out for the tumbleweed.

Here’s the first one. You’ll need to click on it see it properly.


“Richard’s 20% project didn’t go entirely to plan”

One response to “Twenty percent projects (cartoon)”

  1. Mark stephens says:

    I personally feel the BoS blog should be related to Bos in general and the conference.
    Things that would be really great to see would be articles by speakers past and present, how you pick the venues – there is a whole series of articles of interest to anyone organising a conference (did you investigate the venues incognito), articles on what the speakers are up to, video content from previous years, behind the scenes on what is happening with organisation at present, maybe even some articles on what people learnt at the last conference and how they are using it. I spend a lot more time trying to make sure I do some things okay so I can focus on doing the things that really matter better.