#codingbythesea – throw four smart people into a house by the seaside and shake

big table At Red Gate we like to try new things. The million dollar challenge and the accidental incubator are a couple of examples.

Combine this with an occasional but nagging frustration at how long it can take to get stuff done nowadays and a curiosity about how much a small team can achieve if we just leave them alone, we’ve shipped Alex (developer), Dom (designer), Nagashree (tester), Rob (developer), and – oops, I forgot to send a project manager or scrum master – off to a house by the sea for a week.

I’m not entirely sure what they’ll be working on, but take smart people, a fast internet connection, a good house, beer (I should mention that it’s in Southwold – home of Adnams) and shake and I’m sure the cocktail will be good.

If you want to stay up to date with what the guys are up to, then search #codingbythesea on Twitter. There are some photos up and once Rob’s built an antenna they’ll hook up the web cam.

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