Being Number One | Joel Spolsky | BoS USA 2008

Software Success. Being Number One

  • How come you can recognise the tune of the number one song of 1968 as being Hey Jude by the Beatles, but not the number two song?
  • Why has the iPod had the success that the Zune has been denied?
  • Why are Herman Miller chairs cool, but their functionally equivalent competitors lame?
  • Why is Ruby hip but Java square?
  • Why are clean code, usability and basic marketing just hygiene factors?
  • How come they can get you to the number two spot, but not to number one?

In this video from Business of Software 2008, Joel explains the three important factors behind getting to number one. Along the way, he talks about anthropology, psychology, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

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