Business of Software 2009 – registration open

I was going to write a long blog post about how wonderful Business of Software 2009 is going to be, but then I realised that no matter what I wrote it wouldn't be as compelling as this video that Lerone did of BoS 2008. It's a couple of minutes long, and I think you'll enjoy it.

The past isn't always the most reliable guide to the future, but it's often damn good. If you want to find out more about this year's conference then go to

6 responses to “Business of Software 2009 – registration open”

  1. Jason Cohen says:

    Great video.
    For anyone who didn’t attend last year — yeah, it’s as good as you think it might be, but better.
    You know how mountains and buildings and vistas are always more impressive in person than in photos, because you can’t really capture what it’s really like? That’s this. This video is awesome. And it’s better than that.
    One of the best parts was talking with all the other attendees. Like Joel says in the video, this isn’t the usual conference with a bunch of folks who don’t have your drive and don’t share your secret insecurities and triumphs.
    You know what I mean. Those feelings only other entrepreneurs know about.
    Yeah well everyone at BoS is like that. The hallway talk was as good as the keynotes.

  2. Delia Ene says:

    I saw the presentation just yesterday, but had to watch it again! So uplifting, great music, too.

  3. Andy Brice says:

    Great video. I am sure it would be a really interesting event to attend. But I don’t it would actually help me with my microISV business much. ESWC and SIC are targetted much more to microISVs. But that’s ok – you can’t please everyone (and you shouldn’t even try to!).

  4. Alex says:

    Great video Neil! So emotional, so inspiring… So makes me wanna go there! I even re-posted this video on my blog (you mind?). I’ll do my best to join you, though I’m overseas in eastern europe, so it’s gonna be a challenge… But i’ll do my best
    And yes, the music IS great, where did you get this track?

  5. Nice post thanks sharing with us.

  6. Alex,
    According to Lerone, the music came free with either Final Cut Studio or Garage Band. It’s an Apple track. Pretty uplifting though!