Business of Software 2008 – final program available

The final program for Business of Software 2008 is now available. You can download it from the following URL:

As well as some great speakers (Seth Godin, Joel Spolsky, Dharmesh Shah and many more) what’s exciting me most is the opportunity to discuss the business of software with all the attendees. Here’s how Joel Spolsky put it:

Personally I learned the
most from a hallway conversation with the head of sales at Red Gate
where I learned how (and why) to hire an inside sales department; that
hallway conversation was game changing for Fog Creek

That’s just one part of what Joel wrote. It’s worth reading the whole quote, so here’s the link again:

To help make those casual social interactions happen better, we’re doing three things. Firstly, we’ve set up a conference social networking site so delegates can find out who else is going, figure out who they want to meet and set up meetings in advance. Secondly, attendees are guaranteed mild social anxiety – putting strangers around a table and asking them to talk about something will probably kindle interesting interactions. Thirdly, there will be plenty of beer at the party on Wednesday evening.

The conference is getting close (it starts on September 3rd), but there’s still time to book. Book in the next 5 days (before August 22nd) and you’ll get the special price of $1,595. On Saturday, the price goes up to the full price of $1,795. See the conference web site for more details.