When the details betray your vision: oh, the irony

A few days ago I blogged about how the IEEE – the "world’s leading professional advancement of technology" is unable to convert a lowercase string to an uppercase one.

The Institute of Design at Stanford is the latest to shoot itself in the foot with the shotgun of irony. The d.school seems like a really great place. They "believe great innovators and leaders need to be great design thinkers". They "want the d.school to be a place for Stanford students and faculty in engineering, medicine, business, the humanities, and education to learn design thinking and work together to solve big problems in a human centered way." These are all things I believe in too.

So I try to sign up to their newsletter. I enter my e-mail address and I hit ‘join’. And here’s what I get:


Apparently my "data is about to be sent", but I can cancel if I want to. I do, and get this:


Grand visions are great, but easy. It’s the details that count, and they’re hard.