Free Exchange 2007 eBook

If you’re an Exchange admin then you’ll be interested in a free eBook that Simple-Talk are giving away. It’s 10 chapters, 350 pages, compiled from five of Wiley’s most popular Exchange 2007 books. It covers the following topics:

    * Exchange Server Architecture
    * Applying Planning Principles to Exchange Sever 2007
    * Exchange Server Administration
    * Installing Exchange Server 2007
    * Scaling Upward and Outward
    * Sizing Storage Groups and Databases
    * Defining Policies and Security Procedures
    * Planning a Backup and Recovery Solution for Exchange Server 2007
    * Planning Exchange Server 2007 Security
    * Creating, Managing Highly Available Exchange Server Solutions

You can download it from the following URL:

One response to “Free Exchange 2007 eBook”

  1. exchangeman says:

    We have MS Exchange, and would like to use this to automatically manage our signatures. Problem I have is that within the one company we have 7 different brands, and many people working on each of these. Can Exchange manage intricate logic such as this? Or will we have to bite the bullet and create individual signatures on each workstation?