Seth Godin action figures: a photo competition

I learned some time ago – and this has been reinforced many times since – that my sense of humour is not a good guide to marketing decisions. Luckily, other people at Red Gate quickly overrule me any time I try to get involved in marketing. That’s why, if you visit Red Gate’s stand at Tech Ed this June, you’ll get a funky Red Gate t-shirt rather than a cool pair of Red Gate underpants.

Occasionally, and regrettably, I get my own way though. And that’s almost always a mistake. That’s why I sent out 140 Seth Godin dolls out to last year’s attendees of Business of Software 2007. Seth is speaking at Business of Software 2008, and I thought this would be a really cool way of getting people who came last year to sign up to this year’s conference.

They seem to have sunk without trace.

Or have they? I want to find out. I’m running a photo competition. If you have a Seth Godin doll (from me, or maybe you have one anyway) then e-mail a photo of your Seth doll to me at, and I’ll post it up.  The more interesting the better. Assuming that anybody enters (a big assumption), I’ll send out a copy of one of Seth’s books to what I judge to be the best photo.

[Update: you can’t post images in typepad comments so you’ll need to e-mail me the photo and I’ll post it up]

The entries

Jim Kring:

My entries:

Here is Tom Randle’s entry:

You can see another of Tom’s Seth Godin photos, and read the story behind this one, at Tommy Toast’s flickr stream.

Mr Flibble’s entry:

Mr Flibble’s flickr stream is well worth a look too.

These three are from embe:

This one from s3a is called I said bring me a Sith, with an i!

You can find a larger version at s3a’s flickr stream.

Mr Flibble saw s3a’s entry and was inspired to send in two more entries:

Another one from s3a:

Sheri’s entry:

10 responses to “Seth Godin action figures: a photo competition”

  1. seth godin says:

    I hope someone enters!

  2. Let’s hope so! The competition is open to *everybody* …

  3. Update: you can’t post images in typepad comments so e-mail me your photos and I’ll put them in the body of the main post.

  4. Jim Kring and Tom Randle have both sent in submissions. To see them, revisit the main blog post at
    It’s also worth checking out day 202 at the Tommy Toast flickr stream for another Seth Godin picture, and to read the story behind this one.
    Think you can do better? E-mail me your Seth Godin action figure photo.

  5. Mr Flibble has posted an awesome entry. Check it out at the bottom of the original post:

  6. embe and s3a have both submitted entries. To see them, look at the original post

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mr Flibble has sent in two more entries. You can see them at the bottom of the original post:

  8. s3a has sent in another entry. Scroll down to the bottom of the original post to see it:

  9. Sheri just sent in an entry of Seth partying with Albert Einstein. You can see it at the bottom of the original post:

  10. dekor says:

    Quite interesting actually, i’ll have to bookmark your site now to check out what other things you might say. 😉