Is your country broken?

Lorenzo Bolognini has just released a bug tracker with a twist. You use it to raise and track bugs in your country. For now, you can only track bugs in Italy. Let’s hope he’s load tested the system. According to Lorenzo, here are the top 5 bugs in Italy:

5. Scientific research in Italy – Italian researchers go abroad. In Italy the system of scientific corporations, the difficulties in getting finance, the miserable salaries of researchers, push many people abroad.

4. The rubbish collection in Naples – Naples is covered with garbage. Solutions are dimly perceptible, but late in arriving. The problem began in June 2006, almost 2 years ago.

3. Temporary work contracts – the temporary nature of work, for young people and others, is in front of everybody’s eyes. And, despite the seriousness of the problem, nobody seems to grasp it (at least not in election time).

2. There is no web site dedicates to promoting tourism
– Italy, after the closure of the costly, doesn’t have a web site to promote tourism at the level of other European countries.

1. We have built Italy, now we must build the Italian people. Everybody knows this phrase by Massimo D’Azeglio at the birth of Italy. The question remains open, but my personal judgement …

Read more at the buggato web site.

What would your country’s top 5 bugs be? Post here …

3 responses to “Is your country broken?”

  1. adamo says:

    In Greece we have a saying about Italians: “Una Fazza, Una Razza”. Let’s prove it right:
    5. Scientific research in Greece. The situation is the same as in Italy.
    4. The way we deal with garbage in Greece. We are not environmental friendly at all. At least in Italy this is contained in one city only…
    3. Temporary work contracts. The situation is the same. And that is why almost everyone wants his children to work in the public sector. And calls in any favors to any politicians to achieve it.
    2. I was ready to point out that at least we have, but the site is (again) under construction. At least seems to be working.
    1. In a way very very similar to Lorenzo’s #1. To translate a favorite street phrase “Do you know who am I?” (By definition “I” am always better than you are).

  2. Shaymaa says:

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  3. kim1987 says:

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