Business of Software 2008: Early bird discount ends shortly

If you want to come to Business of Software 2008 and get the special early bird price of only $1,395 then you need to book before June 7th.

Joel Spolsky, Seth Godin, Jason Fried and Eric Sink are all speaking, plus some other excellent speakers. You can find out more, and book at the conference web site.

Last year, 94% of attendees gave it four or five stars. Joel Spolsky called it "the best conference I went to last year". In fact, he liked it so much he’s put his name on this year’s: Business of Software 2008 is a Joel on Software Conference.

Here are some quotes from last year’s attendees:

Amazing conference. It will be tough to beat. Chris Kemp, I Love Rewards Inc.

Excellent content! Good food for thought! Matt Ruma, President, Creative Logic

Great variety of topics. There were many moments where I felt
validated or was shown our company’s flaws. I’m not a developer but it
was the right level of ‘technical’! Anon

Day one alone was worth the price of admission – great work on getting great speakers. Austin Salonen, Lead Developer, SGS Mid-West Seed Services

Very diverse, great speakers. Great variety, great logistics. Thanks! Felix Trepanier , Technical Lead, OZ Communications

Excellent speakers.  It’s what I came for and it’s what I got. Anon

Excellent overall. Great speakers, great content. Ton of opportunities to network. Scott Lawrence, Software Development Manager, APS Healthcare Inc

The combination of small, intimate size and a diverse
list of speakers made this the most valuable and provoking conference
I’ve been to in a long time. It’s a significant achievement that from
every speaker I’ve come away with either something quite profound to
consider or something concrete to do. Rob Muir, Development Manager,FINCAD

I’m glad this type of conference is finally taking place. Thanks for your efforts. Jennifer Desha, Project Manager, Numira Biosciences

Best conference! Mark Belliveau, VP Marketing, Normsoft Inc

Some really excellent speakers. Liked the mix. Anon

Thanks! Great conference Joe Crevino, Development Supervisor, LAN International

I feel like I’m a lot more prepared to do my job
after being here and will be more successful in the future as well.
Thanks a lot! Anon

Great job on the conference! The site and accommodation were excellent. An amazing experience! Bryan Dykstra, Director of Business Development, Creative Logic