Speak at Business of Software 2008

I’ve had quite a few people e-mail me to ask if they can speak at Business of Software 2008. Unfortunately, most of the main speaking slots are either full or I’ve got somebody in mind for them.

However, it would be cool to give other people the chance to speak too. Last year, we had a Software Idol contest, which worked quite well. This year, Joel suggested that we do a Pecha Kucha contest.

I hadn’t heard of this, but it’s a great idea. The rules are strict: you show 20 slides, speak for 20 seconds on each slide, and then sit down. According to this Wired article on Pecha Kucha the result is to ‘transform corporate cliché into surprisingly compelling beat-the-clock performance art.’

If you’d like to take part then follow the instructions on the Business of Software 2008 Pecha Kucha page.