Art quiz

Bear with me here. This will turn out to be relevant to the business of software. I’ll explain later on in the week.

Have a look at this drawing of a carpenter:

Pretty average, bordering on poor, right? The hands are all wrong, the skull’s been chopped off, it doesn’t look quite right.

So who do you reckon drew it? Post here …

3 responses to “Art quiz”

  1. I’m going to guess a tailor or clothier — an undue amount of attention has been paid to the vest, shirt and pants. The artist doesn’t bother with the boots, but the texture of the clothing is so lovingly done that you can tell what the fabric feels like. Furthermore, the subject’s posture is strange — he’s neither working nor walking; it’s that awkward upright sorta-standing position that you’re in when you get fitted for a suit.

  2. Michael Duffy says:

    It’s an early work done by Picasso.
    I guess he made a little progress after this effort.
    I first saw this in Betty Edwards’ “Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain” – a brilliant book by a great educator.

  3. Flibble says:

    Practice makes perfect?
    If it’s not going too well, give up and start on something else having learned your lessons?
    Everyone says your picture of a carpenter is rubbish because it doesn’t look right, so see how much you can annoy them by making your pictures look even more not right?
    I can’t draw properly. I need to find myself a new niche where I don’t have to compete with all those annoying people who can actually draw? One day I’ll show them… one day…