One week left to get pre-event discount

If you want to hear Joel Spolsky, Rick Chapman, Dan Nunan, Jennifer Aaker, Jeff Pfeffer, Tim Lister, Matt Mason, Guy Kawasaki, Hugh MacLeod, Tim Lister, Bill Buxton and Alberto Savoia speak on the Business of Software in San Jose, October 29th-30th, then you’ve got until the 20th October until the pre-event discount expires. Go to for more details.

2 responses to “One week left to get pre-event discount”

  1. Jordan says:

    Hi, I am a college student interested in the Business of Software. I would really like to attend, however the $1300 discounted price tag is a bit expensive for me. I was wondering, would you perhaps offer a student discount to make the price fit a college student’s budget?

  2. Jordan,
    There are a number of discounted slots for students @ $395. If you’re interested, then e-mail me at neil.davidson at
    – Neil