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Business of Software Conference accepts BitCoin & awards CPD Points

Of course we don’t. Both are ridiculous concepts. It is 1st April though. One is a ridiculous concept that encourages the wrong sort of people to participate in something in the hope of some sort of intangible gain, the other is either: An emerging virtual currency that allegedly offers early participants an advantage over latecomers […]

The Business of Software 2013 schedule

Business of Software 2013 is over. Here is the schedule for the event that ran from the evening of Sunday 27th October to the afternoon of Wednesday 31st October. For more details of the schedule for the 2014 event, please bookmark this page. Sunday 27th October 13.00: Boston Photowalk – details 19.00: Registration open until 21.00 […]

We love it when a badass plan comes together

Delighted to hear that Kathy Sierra has finished her book on badass at last. We can’t wait to see the final version. I did it. Finished the book. 7 years since my last one; I’d started believing I was no longer capable. Then I went to @webstock & @bos. <3 — Seriouspony (@seriouspony) January 15, […]

Highlights and outtakes from Business of Software 2013

I honestly had no idea that my daughter had done so much interviewing behind the scenes at Business of Software Conference. Quite the scene stealer. This does a pretty good job of capturing some of the reasons we love putting Business of Software Conference on.

BoS 2013: Videos of Business of Software Conference 2013 talks all in one place.

All of the talks from the 2013 Business of Software Conference are now online. If you attended this year’s event, you will receive a password to access all of the talks today by email. Contact us if you haven’t received yours. We will make most of the talks available online to everyone without a password […]

Delivering yesterday’s broken technology tomorrow. Product strategy is about saying, “NO”. Intercom’s Des Traynor

This is a fabulous talk/rant/stand up routine from Des Traynor, co Founder of Intercom on the core principles of Product Strategy. It’s only 7.5 minutes long but has lots of great points as well as a secret trick about watching your competitors that will guarantee you can build a useless sucky product that no one […]

Cool Christmas present. Take part in this SaaS Conversion Survey and you could win two tickets to Business of Software Conference 2014

“We have bought two tickets to Business of Software Conference next year. Do you mind if we give them away as a prize for someone that participates in a survey we are running?” “In principle, that is totally fine, but what sort of survey are you thinking of?” “We are trying to help SME SaaS […]

Business of Software Conference 2013 pictures from Betsy Weber at TechSmith

Every time I see a picture that Betsy Weber at TechSmith has taken, I realise I will never be a photographer. It kind of hurts, but her pictures make up for it. Some lovely pictures from the best conference picture taker ever. See Betsy’s full set here. Goody bag. Great question from Dharmesh. Greg bravely […]

Developers, entrepreneurs & depression. A wonderful talk at Business of Software Conference.

Developers, entrepreneurs and depression. We had the Business of Software Conference last week in Boston. Thank you to everyone that made it such a wonderful experience for us. This is the first talk that we will post publicly. It is the only talk in the history of Business of Software Conference that has ever had […]

Avangate Announce Their 2013 Business of Software Conference Scholarship Winners

Avangate, the leading Customer Centric Commerce solution provider trusted by thousands of Software and Cloud Services companies to grow their business worldwide, today announced the recipients of its Business of Software Conference Scholarship. The three winners - InternAvenue, Mochadocs, and Weekdone - will receive free passes to the Business of Software conference and the opportunity to attend a networking […]

Old laptop. New laptop. Stickers. T-shirts.

This is my old laptop. It goes to some of the best conferences in the world. This is my new laptop. If you want to cheer it up, feel free to bring me a sticker. In similar vein, I saw Peldi earlier this summer and he wore a continuous cycle of StackExchange, Balsamiq, Red Gate […]

The Storify of Business of Software Conference 2013, 28-30th October 2013, Boston, MA.

Selected social media and pictures from Business of Software Conference 2013. Tag any media #BoS2013 to be included. [View the story "Business of Software Conference 2013" on Storify]

Tech events in Boston in week of Business of Software Conference 2013

Thanks to Trever Lohrbeer at Lab Escape, for a neat run down on other technology events going on in Boston around the Business of Software Conference that starts next week in Boston… “Unfortunately, with closing my biggest deal ever & buying a house in the past month, life has not let up enough for me […]

4 keys for ‘Products and promotions that people really, actually love’ (c) Dharmesh Shah

Over at Hubspot, Dharmesh has been thinking about some of the key pieces of advice he’s found at Business of Software that really make the difference to how he approaches product development and promotion. It’s a great post and a great summary (full transcript below). If you want to really get to grips with these […]

Boston software entrepreneur? Michael Skok wants to take you to the Business of Software Conference

This is a repost of a blog post by Michael Skok, Partner at North Bridge Venture Partners (and serial entrepreneur before moving to the money side) and someone who came to Business of Software Conference last year. I have had the pleasure of talking to Michael on and off since and he is one of those […]

We love it when people let us know about things like this. ‘How Business of Software Conference changed my life’

[This is a post of a guest post that Business of Software superfan, Patrick Foley, posted on Business of Software superfan Dharmesh Shah's awesome On Startups website. Subscribe to the RSS feed here. tl;dr:  If you work in the business of software the one must-attend event is the Business of Software (Boston, Oct 28th  –  30th 2013) […]

Live Q&A with Iris Lapinski, Apps for Good, Broadcast 12 noon EST 17th Oct

Because software (and work) is about more than just the money, the next of our occasional series of interviews with BoS speakers involves Iris Lapinski, the founder of Apps for Good. Join us on Thursday 17th October (12 noon EST) when we’ll be talking to Iris about her work with CDI Apps for Good (, an […]

Business of Software Conference. What attendees got out of last year’s conference.

At the end of a packed 2.5 days in October 2012, we asked the attendees if they could sum up their BoS experience. Here are their responses – uncensored. We think there are lots of reasons to come to Business of Software Conference – we have designed the event so that you can get, over […]

Live Q&A with Mike Muhney (co-founder of ACT!, CEO ViP Orbit) Broadcast 14th October, 12 noon EST

Bookmark this page! This is where we’ll be continuing our series of Q&A sessions with  speakers on 14th October, when we’ll be broadcasting a Q7A session with Mike Muhney. Mike pretty much invented the CRM industry when he co-founded ACT! 20 years before most of us were even thinking of opportunities in B2B software he […]

Scott Berkun’s open letter to new Microsoft CEO & the problem with competitive advantage

Scott Berkun wrote an open letter to Microsoft’s new CEO about what needs to be done to turn Microsoft into an innovation machine again. (Whatever you think about Microsoft, let’s assume for the purposes of this discussion that Microsoft has lost its innovation mojo and if you don’t accept that, just find and replace ‘Microsoft’ […]

Congratulations Joseph Regan at Intelliware

That was a harder one!

Companies you will meet at Business of Software Conference this year

Some of the companies and people that are coming to the Business of Software Conference, 28-30th October 2013, Boston, MA. It not just the talks that makes BoS awesome, (though we think they are world class), it’s the amazing people who come from around the world (almost half from outside the US), to talk and share […]

BoS 2012: Videos of Business of Software talks all in one place.

All of the keynote and Lightning Talks talks from the 2012 Business of Software Conference that we are making public are now online with the permission of their speakers. While Business of Software Conference won’t be livestreamed this year, we always want to share the ideas we discuss at the event with as wide an […]

The Avangate BoS dinner – *the* place to be on Tues 29th October

Previously, on Business of Software, Avangate have very generously supported scholarships for promising software businesses to come to BoS. Now they are extending their generosity to other BoS delegates, with a dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse on the evening of Tuesday 29th. We’d recommend it because Avangate scholarships reliably turn up some very interesting new faces […]

Competitive advantage is dead! Long live transient advantage!

Or not – it is transient after all. I went to see Rita Gunther Mcgrath last night in Nottingham. She was addressing a group of Boots executives on the ideas in her book, ‘The end of competitive advantage’. Would I normally spend 5 hours in a car to hang out with a group of pharmacists? […]

Balsamiq raffling Business of Software ticket. Quick.

One of the amazing things about the Business of Software Community is how much people care and want to give something back. We will be letting you know a little more about some of the other things that go on behind the scenes later but here is something that you need to know about SHARP! […]

Finnish startup StartHQ wins free pass to Business of Software Conference

The winner of the latest code hunt is Oleg Podsechin, founder of StartHQ – a web app launcher, new tab replacement and SaaS directory. If you are selling web apps, you should get your self listed. Oleg sold his first software aged 14, but says he still doesn’t know what he’s doing, which is why […]

Live Q&A with Scott Farquhar, Atlassian. 12.00 noon EST, Sept 25th

If you have never experienced any crises in your business, you can look away now… this Q&A is not for you. For the other 99% of us, bookmark this page and come back at 12 noon EST on Wednesday Sept 25th when Scott Farquhar, CEO of Atlassian will be talking to BoS in a live […]

Student? Just graduated? Apply here for a Business of Software Grant

At BoS we believe in software entrepreneurship – and we really want to encourage future generations to get involved. So we do what we can to make sure content from BoS is available for students, but there is no doubt that a lot of the value comes from attending the conference, the hallway track and […]

What personality types come to Business of Software Conference? Here’s one way to find out…

Have you ever wondered how your personality and work style affects your colleagues? Are your strengths and weaknesses the same under pressure? How does your behaviour affect the people around you? Are psychometric tests and personality profiles hokum? Can you hack your personality? Can you ‘flex’ your style in different situations? Is there a ‘right’ personality […]