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Don Norman at Business of Software 2009


This year will be the 7th Business of Software Conference – 15-17th September 2014, Boston.

A three day conference for founders who want to build sustainable, profitable software businesses. BoS has always been a special conference for our delegates and we want to keep it special. Attendance is restricted to just 400 attendees in 2014. Registration open now.

This year we are also running Business of Software Conference Europe, 25-26th June. For more details, visit the dedicated BoS Europe site. Two days in the birthplace of computers – Cambridge, England.

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Will you be following Don’s advice and printing the BoS name tags people wear round their necks on both sides?

Neil Davidson



This was an awesome video (as was the other one you sent an email about, some time back).
I had to take a break at the 38 minute mark to get some work done, but I came back to it this morning to finish.
If this is the caliber of speakers you consistently get for the conferences, I’m going to have to find a way to eventually attend.


See, I would watch it, but I don’t have headphones or speakers. Plus getting information from a video is far harder than getting it from text. Give me a transcript and I’ll happily read it.

Accessibility matters

I’d love to watch it, but the quality’s too poor for lip reading and there don’t seem to be subtitles available.
Embedded video is probably the single least accessible online communications medium. But I guess you’re too busy to transcribe 5 minutes of content, so I’ll never find out what you wanted to communicate.

PLD - Lead Tracking Software

This video is great. I think it was very helpful. (and I don’t need a transcript) Only watched the first half but very interesting.
I think Don Norman is right and the approach to our customers does need to change. And yes I agree we need to approach them as intelligent human beings.
Thanks for these post. I am working internationally now so obviously I can’t attend these conferences, but the highlights are wonderful. Ty!


I second that accessibility matters. What if Dan Brown spoke Cherokee? Then almost everybody would have requested a translation. So I request a transcript, as I am Deaf.
Thank you for providing a transcript.

Paul D. Waite

I’m just going to add another whiny voice here, but I would watch it except I’m on my iPad and the video doesn’t seem to work there.