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Promise Phelon TapInfluence
Promise Phelon

Promise started her career in at BEA Systems where she ultimately led product marketing. We think she is badass. You will too.

Promise Phelon is the CEO of TapInfluence, a high-growth technology company that specializes in influencer marketing. The company is defining the category as it goes through a dramatic shift from manual to technology-enabled. Phelon is building a loyal team, innovating in a product area that’s entirely uncharted, and helping evolve how businesses get heard by consumers. Prior to TapInfluence, Phelon was Chief Revenue Officer of the Resumator, CEO of The Phelon Group, and served as CEO of UpMo, an enterprise talent management SaaS system.

Talks by Promise Phelon

Perks vs Culture: The Ping Pong Table FallacySeptember 2016

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